Enjoying God in All of Life


* The Nature and Existence of the Soul by MP. Do we have souls? If so, what exactly are they? This is an important question because it involves who we are and, therefore, sheds insight into how we must live to enjoy and honor God.

* Work and Leisure to the Glory of God by MP. This is a roughly organized collection of notes from and insights inspired by Leland Ryken's book Redeeming the Time: A Christian Approach to Work and Leisure that are aimed towards developing a Christian theology of work and leisure.

* A Joyfull Marriage by MP. This is a list of helpful insights from Scripture and various books into what it means to honor God in marriage.

* A Summary of Love is a Decision by MP. Though I do have some viewpoints that differ from Smaley, his book does contain much helpful insight which I have tried to distill in this short review.

* How Does a Christian Hedonist Live? by MP.

*God's Call to Fast by Eric Schumacher.

*What Does God Do When We Fast? by Dustin Shramek.

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