Sin: Redemption Required


*Born Guilty by MP: What effects does Adam's sin have on his descendants? One effect is that this sin and its guilt is charged to us all. We are all considered guilty for it. How can this be and where is this taught in Scripture? This article examines those questions, and shows how understanding this truth gives us a fuller appreciation of the work of Christ for us.

*Born Sinful by MP: This is the sequal to the previous article. Not only is Adam's sin charged to us all, we are also all born with sinful natures because of it. This doctrine is called original sin. After giving much evidence for this truth, I then investigate the depth of our depravity.

*Original Sin by MP: Simply a shorter version of the above article. This one doesn't look at the depth of our depravity, but only the evidence that we are all born sinful.

*The Supremacy of God in the Depravity of Man by Dustin Shramek. Exalts the glories of God's grace in rescuing us from the horrors of sin.

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