Sanctification: Redemption Expressed


*The Freedom of Sanctification by MP. This is an outline of the biblical framework of sanctification which also takes issue with many false ideas concerning sanctification. Among the things dealt with are: What does it mean to do something in Christ's power? Does that mean I have to be passive so that He acts instead of me? In what sense does a Christian have two natures? If we are dead to sin (Romans 6) why does Paul also command us to keep putting sin to death (Romans 8:13)? Can Christians become sinless in this life? How does the biblical teaching on continuing sin in Christians give us a dose of realism? These, and many other issues, are dealt with. The truths in this study are very significant background for the article below.

*Problems with Two Stage Christianity by MP: This is a simple list of many of the problems created by the common teaching that Christians can be transfered to a higher state of sanctification by "surrendering fully to God."

*Filled With the Spirit: Delighting in the Manifest Presence of Christ by Dustin Shramek. What is the main role of the Holy Spirit today? How is one "filled with the Spirit"? How do we live in God's power rather than our own? This is an excellent treatment of these issues and more, and, as I said above, is even more helpful when understood in light of the study "The Freedom of Sanctification."

*Assurance of Salvation: An Examination of Works in a Christian's Faith by Eric Schumacher.

*The Necessity of Endurance for Salvation by ES. This is part one in a series of three talks given at a men's retreat on our campus. The focus of the three talks is to propel us to victory over sin through the exceedingly great promises of God and exceedingly ugly horrors of sin. As the name of this talk suggests, it seeks to show the absolute need for endurance in faith–and thus the need for fighting sin.

*Finding Victory Over Lust Through Faith: Putting to Death the Ugly Power of Sin and Bringing to Life the Graces and Beauty of God in Our Hearts by ES. This is part two in the series. It seeks to demonstrate how to fight any sin by applying biblical principles to the specific sin of lust, which is a common struggle among both men and women. The essence of this talk is that sin gets its power over us by the false promise that it will make us happier. Therefore, the way to fight sin is by combating it with the warnings of God's word which expose sin for what it really is–detestable, destructive, and ugly–and the promises of God's word which reveal that the most satisfaction is found in Him alone. In other words, fight sin with this biblical truth: God is better than sin.

*Persevering by Faith in Future Grace by DS. This talk looks more deeply at the glorious promises of God for our future. They far surpass anything sin can offer us, and therefore satisfaction in these promises (that is, faith in them) breaks the power of sin.

*See also the Christian Hedonism section for articles on battling sin by being satisfied in God.

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