*Gospel Outreach Ministries Online has many apologetic, evangelistic, and devotional articles that seek to provide a rational basis for the validity of the Christian faith, and that apply the Gospel principles to the Christian life. It also contains important information on some of the major cults of today and methods by which informed Christians can present the gospel to cult members; and research on special theological topics of interest to Christians today. This is how the site describes itself, and it looks great!

*Answering Islam is very informaitve.

*Jews for Jesus is an excellent resource for learning more about spreading the good news of Jesus to the Jewish people.

*Philosophy on the Web contains an enormous amount of links for your browsing enjoyment

*Society of Christian Philosophers

*Evangelical Philosophical Society

*The Veritas Forum originating at Harvard University

* Agathos C.A.T.S. (Christian Apologetics Thought Study)

*Philosophy of Religion Resources by Scott Moore

*The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

*Loathian's Wall

*Leadership University's collection of apologetics articles

*Christian Answers Net

*Leadership University

*Top 100 Christian Links

*The Historical Jesus This is one of the best sites on the net for further study on the historical Jesus. It presents both sides very fairly. Highly recommended.

*MCU Virtual Library - Apologetics is the largest resource list of apologetic material on the Internet.

*Christianity.Net from Christianity Today, Inc. Good stuff!

*Apologia - To Offer a Reason

* Christian Apologetics--Do we have to give up our brains for Jesus? This is a great web site--you've got to check it out.

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