The Excellencies of the Redeemer


*Understanding the Incarnation by MP: This is very important knowledge for every Christian--how can Jesus be both God and man? Why doesn't this make Him two People? What is the relationship between His humanity and deity? Are the two natures combined together, or do they remain distinct? Understanding and believing more clearly how Jesus is both God and man will deepen our devotion to Him. The truths taught in this article reflect the historic Christian understanding of Christ's two natures, and will astonish you with the awesome wonder of the Son of God becoming man.

*Understanding the Incarnation of Christ by MP: This is a shorter version of the above article.

*Christ Our Exalted Savior by MP: This looks at the very important biblical teaching on how Christ was glorified in and after His resurrection, what it means for Him to be seated at God's right hand, and many other truths concerning His exaltation.

*Christ Our Perfect Prophet, Priest, and King by MP.

*The Supremacy of our Risen and Reigning Savior by MP.

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