Articles Defending the Resurrection and Deity of Christ

Articles Defending the Resurrection and Deity of Christ

*Paul and the Historical Jesus by JT

*Under Construction: The Resurrection Hypothesis: Arguments for and Against the Resurrection: Undergraduate Research Project by JT.

*The Resurrection of Christ: Myth or Reality? by MP.

*The Resurrection Stands Firm by MP. Noted atheist Farrell Till critiqued the previous article in his magazine The Skeptical Review. This is a response to his critique. This article can be helpful in providing evidence beyond what was in the previous article, greater depth on the evidence that was in the previous article, and resonses to objections of the previous article.

*Evidence for the Resurrection by MP. This can be considered my most in-depth treatment of the resurrection. It takes most of the evidence I have, but certainly not all, and presents a powerful case for the resurrection. Much of what is in my earlier articles on the resurrection is in here in one way or another. I also give a more extensive explanation of the applications of the resurrection in this article.

*Harmony of the Resurrection Accounts by JT & MP

*Resurrection Harmony by MP. This is just another version of the above in a more narrative form.

*Critical Evidence for the Deity of Christ by MP: It can be a great surprise to the skeptic when they find out that even if we limit ourselves to the evidence which critical scholars agree on, it can still be historically demonstrated that Jesus claimed to be God. This article is greatly based upon William Lane Craig's excellent book Reasonable Faith.

*Historical Evidence and the Claims of Christ by MP: This is a much more in-depth treatment of the issues from the above article, again based upon Craig's boook.

*A Biblical Defense of Christ's Deity by MP.

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