Christian Hedonism


*Is God for us or for Himself? by Dr. John Piper, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis. This article deals with the pillar of Christian Hedonism--the fact that God's ultimate goal in everything He does is to enjoy glorifying Himself. How is this loving? And how is this the foundation of our pursuit of joy in God? This article answers those questions.

*Enjoyment is not Optional by MP: If we do not pursue our own pleasure in worship and good deeds, we cannot honor God or love people. Read this article, which has been greatly influenced by the writings of John Piper, for a life changing discovery!

*Delighting in Doing Good by MP: This deals with how delight in God necesarily will result in good deeds, what it means to glorify God, and how to do all things for God's glory.

*Filled With the Spirit: Delighting in the Manifest Presence of Christ by Dustin Shramek. What is the main role of the Holy Spirit today? How is one "filled with the Spirit"? How do we live in God's power rather than our own? This is an excellent treatment of these issues. It goes into how the Spirit's main goal is to manifest Christ to us and the great joy that this brings us. Piper's article above demonstrates how faith in the promises of God brings us satisfaction in Christ by which we overcome the power of sin. This article goes into how satisfaction in Christ through His word is the essence of being Spirit-filled (and, therefore, the essence of living by faith) and thus enables us to live in the power of God.

*How Dead People do Battle With Sin by Pastor John Piper. This article explains how we can break the power of sin by treasuring the promises of God more than the lies of sin. For sin gets its power from the false promise that it will make us happier than God. Thus, treasuring God's promises as promising superior happiness gives the power to overcome sin. This is a large part of what it means to live by faith and, which is practically the same thing, to be filled with the Spirit and live by His power. For this reason, this article is greatly supplemented by the next article.

*Fighting for Joy in God with Scripture by MP.

*Our Passion for God's Supremacy notes from a talk by John Piper. Explains the biblical teaching on how we are to be passionate for God and answers objections.

*Lip Service and Vanity? or Heart Service and Glory? by Dustin Shramek. The subject of this talk is worship. How can we worship God rightly? This talk seeks to show that delight in God is necesary for real worship and how to cultivate this delight.

*Get Out of the Boat! by DS. This talk encourages us to keep seeking God and find our ultimate joy in Him.

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