The Atonement: Redemption Accomplished


*The Nature of the Atonement: A Look at What Christ Did When He Died by MP: A shorter version of the following article.

*The Nature of the Atonement: What Did Christ do When He Died? by MP: This article looks at what Christ did when He died and how His death provides for our salvation. I investigate the very important truths of propitiation, expiation, reconciliation, redemption, and substitution. The words may be big, but the concepts are simple. They highlight the greatness of God's character displayed in saving us from our terrible sinfulness. This article also takes a brief look at the extent of the atonement, which is addressed more fully in the article on the extent of the atonement, below.

*The Extent of the Atonement: Who Did Christ Die For? by MP: The way we answer this question radically affects the way we view the atonement. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to have a biblically informed answer.

*The Extent of the Atonement: Answering Objections by MP: This deals with the verses people sometimes attempt to use against successful atonement, and shows how they harmonize naturally.

*The Glory of God in the Cross of Christ by MP. The superior worth of God's glory is the ground of everything that God does. This article is about the God-centeredness of the cross of Christ.

*Satisfaction for Sin.

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