These links will take you to articles we've written to show the solid evidence there is for the truth of Christianity. Our aim for believers is to help them grow stronger in faith by seeing the good evidence for Christianity and to become more equipped to present the truth to non-believers and defend it before skeptics. Our aim for those who do not accept Christianity is to help them to see that Christianity is a reasonable faith and to clear up any intellectual difficulties they may have with it so that they may come closer to saving faith in Christ as well.

*Defending the Existence of God. Contains articles giving evidence for God's existence from science, morality, and other areas. Also includes an article dealing with the Problem of Evil.

*Historical Evidence for the Resurrection and Deity of Christ. These articles give historical evidence to counter the objection that Jesus never claimed to be God. There are also many articles giving evidence for Christ's resurrection, which validates His claims to be God.

*Explaining and Defending the Inspiration and Trustworthiness of the Bible.

*Defending the Exclusivism of Christianity. Is truth relative or absolute? How can Jesus be the only way to God? These are questions addressed in these articles.


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